About Noduri


The name Noduri, comes from the Romanian word for "knots."  Hand knotting pure silk jewelry cord with genuine gemstones and pearls is how Amy Longley took her passion of making jewelry from a part time hobby to the successful business it is today. 

Noduri handcrafted artisan jewelry reminds us that the world we live in will never be perfect, but that we can appreciate those imperfections as unique, genuine and authentic.  Imperfection itself, is beautiful and a form of personal expression.  

Embracing the imperfections inherent in natural gemstones, Amy personally selects each one for its unique and exceptional characteristics as well as its organic raw beauty rather than flawlessness.

Loving attention is given to each fine detail and gentle finishing techniques for jewelry pieces that are intricate, understated, and fluid with a feminine aesthetic.

Amy handcrafts each Noduri piece one at a time, in her Colorado studio nestled amongst the red rock formations of gorgeous Roxborough Park.